Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

AR / VR application design and development for entertainment, education, and training.

Our capabilities: Design and 3D models

✔ Designing games, entertainment, education and simulation solutions
✔ Creating 3D models
✔ Animations

Our capabilities: Bringing VR mechanics into simulation (training) and education applications

✔ Integration with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive glasses
✔ Integration with VR treadmills
✔ Creating realistic environment

Our capabilities: Developing AR apps

✔ Combining video stream with 3D models
✔ Using ARKit features
✔ AR apps for VR glasses

Our capabilities: Game design, prototyping, and specs

✔ Designing games and gameplays
✔ Developing mockups with detailed specifications
✔ Gamifying applications for non entertainment fields


✔ Unity 3D (C#, Javascript)
✔ Android (Java)
✔ iOS (Objective C, Swift)
✔ Javascript: React Native, Angular/Ionic

Our capabilities: QA and automation testing

✔ Using TDD, BDD principles
✔ Automating UI testing for hybrid and native mobile apps
✔ Unit tests on everything!
✔ JMeter for load and stress testing
✔ E2E tests for web UI: Protractor for Angular, Mocha, Jasmin, Karma, Chai libraries

Case Study: Education Application for Kids with 3D Experience

✔ Digitals books for kids
✔ Content management panel to create chapters, upload models
✔ 3D models and animations
✔ Interactive content