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Our task was to create a mobile application for height Connect company to simplify the process of choosing gifts for US and Canadian users. The business Android app had to manage both personal events (like birthdays or graduations) and general holidays (like Thanksgiving or Christmas). The idea is quite simple: You find yourself in an online store via the app, where you can buy any gift for your mom, wife or colleagues. During your review of the items, the potential gift recipient receives a notification and opportunity to rank them, giving you an idea of how they feel about your selections. At the same time, you remain completely anonymous; the recipient doesn’t see that it was you who suggested “that wonderful kitchen gadget”.


Marketing Research

Since we had to create an online shopping app with all UI/UX from scratch, before we started planning and designing we studied many similar solutions that exist in the market. We checked all of the features created by others and then came up with new ones that no one else has. Thus was born the Gift Box, where you can find all the items that shoppers are considering for a potential gift recipient for their specific event, but the gift recipient doesn’t know who the shoppers are – a viral feature that engages people in gamification process.



We were not given any mockups, and the project was fully designed by Ardas. Our creative team was happy to get such an opportunity to prove ourselves, so we enthusiastically undertook it. Our team worked on all the tiny details to make sure that the application meets the modern trends and Google Material Design requirements. The customer had only to approve the final result.


Recommendation system

One of the main features is that we show recommendations (items) based on the user preferences for the specific event, thus, directing them what to buy – it simplifies the searching process for a gift and increasing the likelihood of success.


Gift Box

As has been already mentioned above, this feature is a completely new communication method, which was created due to the deep process of marketing research. So what is all about?


Popshops Integration

PopShops is the engine behind tens of thousands of shopping implementations and is used by more banks, airlines, and affiliate malls than any other online shop marketing engine. This is the fastest way to get millions of products from different online stores and networks.


Other features