Communication SaaS for Retail and Shop Sale Agents

Sale Communication SaaS for Retails and Shops

This B2B SaaS platform was developed with .NET, MS SQL and ReactJS. This solution connects shop buyers (clients) with sales representatives or agents sitting in call centers and serving shops. Being a communication tool connects a buyer with a sale agent allowing agents to consult buyers on various products giving them information or any other help. Since all the communication happens through one platform, it allows us to measure KPIs, quality and show managers comprehensive dashboards.

A client came to us with an idea and a product partially developed by a previous team. Our goal was to extend it and implement all the features requested by the client. We had to set up a collaboration with the core business team. Implementing agile and scrum principles we developed MVP, launched it and while the core team is selling it, we continue working on other features extending this SaaS and implementing more and more functionality asked by early adopters.