White Label SaaS System for Drug Stores

The application allows user to search and select Canadian medication or use a written prescription to order drugs online. Also, the user can browse a wide selection of OTC products. Our task was to conduct refactoring. The application began to work faster and more stable. Then we began to implement new functionality and complicate the logic.
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The first goal was to refactor the code. We received a working application written by other developers. We performed the refactoring. The medicine search app began to work faster and more stable. Then we began to create new functionality and complicate the logic of the current features.


Major Features

  • In Quick Fill, it became possible to use the delivery and payment method from the previous order, if the user has already made purchases earlier;
  • It became possible to send a photo of the prescription or contact details of the doctor, and thus to place an order. That is, representatives of the pharmacy call the doctor and the latter in turn confirms that the customer can order a certain medicine;
  • The function of the refill, when the user can simply repeat the last order one-on-one;
  • To place an order by scanning the barcode of a certain medicine;
  • In the user profile, it became possible to add different information: credit card, echeck, insurance. Previously it was necessary to fill everything with your hands. We did so that you can send photos of insurance or checks, or scan the credit card number and the data is pulled into the profile automatically;
  • The function of the application auto-update. A reminder that compares the version of the application on the device with the version in the store, and if necessary, notifies the user about the need to update the app medicine information;
  • Google Analytics.


We developed the dashboard specifically for monitoring the use of the application. The prescription app design was also created by our team.




The plugin for the camera that scans a bank card recognizes the number, processes it and saves it in the user’s profile;

Plugin for the camera that scans and processes a barcode.






  • Cordova 6.5.0
  • Jquery mobile
  • Google analytics
  • Html
  • Js
  • Phonegap