Muzammil A.

I spoke with Jorg back when I was with another company. He impressed me. I remembered him when I needed contracted development work for biomedical applications project arose.

Interviewer: Who else did you consider?

Muzammil: The thing we liked about TechFlex was their flexibility. We were a startup company. Financials were tight. So, they scoped a small project instead of a wild guesstimate. After each success, we gave them more work.

Also, I was very impressed when I met Anna. She had compelling examples of similar work they’d done.

Interviewer: So, no one else?

Muzammil: I spoke with a few but TechFlex understood us best and were willing to work within our tight budget constraint.

Interviewer: You’re saying they were less expensive?

Muzammil: Not necessarily less expensive. More flexible. And more trustworthy, frankly. They started with a small project and proved themselves first. We appreciated that.

Interviewer: Nice. Were you the main point of contact? How was your experience?

Muzammil: Yes, I was the main contact. We were developing a fundus imaging camera. It was great experience, especially working with the team in Ukraine. Ukraine was very responsive, very organized. They showed up on time, well prepared. If I get an opportunity to work with them again, I’ll certainly recommend them.

Ryan R.

I’d asked someone at my old employer, “Do you know any small medical device companies to handle my design verification and validation of a ventilator?” That’s how I found Jorg and TechFlex.

Interviewer: Who else had you considered?

Ryan: There were two frontrunners – one in Seattle, the other in Singapore – when I met Jorg. Neither were nearly as good a fit.The Singapore operation would have required an enormous amount of handholding. That’s just what I did NOT want. And with Jorg and Anna being stateside medical device experts, I was confident in the project management.The Seattle firm had done respiratory devices but never developed software to integrate into a medical device. I couldn’t risk it.Plus, TechFlex’s price was very attractive. So I was getting solid project management, medical device software development expertise, and an attractive price. It was an easy choice.

Interviewer: You say the price was very attractive.

Ryan: Yes! I had budgeted 2½ million dollars. I’ll end up paying just a million!

Interviewer: TechFlex came in 1½ million less than you budgeted? They were just 40% of what you’d budgeted?

Ryan: Exactly.

Interviewer: Wow. And no compromise in expertise or management.

Ryan: None. We have a weekly status meeting to keep me in the loop. If nothing’s amiss, it’s a quick meeting. And they’re typically quick meetings! They are very creative in figuring out design issues on their own.It’s a really good team. I’m extremely happy with them.

Interviewer: You said they’re creative. Can you give an example?

Ryan: And organized. And independent – minimal hand-holding. But yes, we have a very sensitive product. They’ve been able to find and configure the components (given size constraints) in a creative manner, without me having to come up that.It’s been very refreshing.

Greg S.

My company, Bloom Creative, is a full-service healthcare marketing agency. We don’t develop products. We help companies tell their stories. We recommended a client have an app for their sales team and I needed to outsource that development. Bloom can conceive and lay out the user interface but we don’t develop the functionality.

Interviewer: Who, besides TechFlex, did you consider?

Greg: We could have developed an internal team but I needed to delegate project management as well. That’s a major piece of why we went with TechFlex.

Interviewer: No one else you could have called?

Greg: Well, actually, I could have called engineers I worked with at the company I sold.

Interviewer: Why didn’t you, given your firsthand experience with them?

Greg: Because – and even though we’re not looking to make a profit on outsourcing – their base rate would have been unpalatable for the client.

Interviewer: Did you face any language barriers with TechFlex?

Greg: No.

Interviewer: And you were comfortable having work done overseas.

Greg: Well, yes, because Jorg and Anna are stateside. They are the ones managing the project. And they have deep medical device expertise. Plus, Jorg, Anna, and the team host a weekly video call to keep us running smoothly. It’s reassuring. I’m always confident the project is under tight control.

Interviewer: Great. Anything you’d add?

Greg: Yes! We’ve come back to them with more work. Something we’re developing for the agency to white label to clients.

Interviewer: Oh, nice! That, in itself, is a ringing endorsement.

Greg: Absolutely. Yes, great team. Highly recommend.

Christopher Z.

I wanted to develop a device to treat dry eyes at home for patients using proprietary heating technology and having a heck of a time finding an R&D / development / prototyping company. Everyone was quoting 150-200k and, as a privately-held startup, I wasn’t able to drop so much.

Anna came highly recommended. She has a team out in Ukraine that does the work and I was quite impressed their portfolio. They delivered on the timeline – itself impressive – with almost no hiccups.

I mean, honestly, it was just done so seamlessly, the fact it was done overseas, the only challenge was shipping prototypes back and forth. But you know what, that’s the challenge.

Interviewer: I remember you balked at 150-200k price tag. How much did you end up investing?

Christopher: Probably half that. This was 2017, prices have gone up since, industry-wide. Their rates were – and continue to be – very, very reasonable. And I liked Anna and I liked the team. I felt it was a great opportunity to work with them.

Interviewer: When you were shopping, who else did you consider?

Christopher: Yes, but other companies didn’t make me comfortable. It felt like they were overquoting and ignoring me until/unless I wrote them a check. On the other hand, Anna’s team was a lot more intimate, more personable. They really got to know me, they got to know the device. It was more of a boutique experience. And honestly, they delivered the product I wanted. Ultimately, that’s what matters.