I wanted to develop a device to treat dry eyes at home for patients using proprietary heating technology and having a heck of a time finding an R&D / development / prototyping company. Everyone was quoting 150-200k and, as a privately-held startup, I wasn’t able to drop so much.

Anna came highly recommended. She has a team out in Ukraine that does the work and I was quite impressed their portfolio. They delivered on the timeline – itself impressive – with almost no hiccups.

I mean, honestly, it was just done so seamlessly, the fact it was done overseas, the only challenge was shipping prototypes back and forth. But you know what, that’s the challenge.

Interviewer: I remember you balked at 150-200k price tag. How much did you end up investing?

Christopher: Probably half that. This was 2017, prices have gone up since, industry-wide. Their rates were – and continue to be – very, very reasonable. And I liked Anna and I liked the team. I felt it was a great opportunity to work with them.

Interviewer: When you were shopping, who else did you consider?

Christopher: Yes, but other companies didn’t make me comfortable. It felt like they were overquoting and ignoring me until/unless I wrote them a check. On the other hand, Anna’s team was a lot more intimate, more personable. They really got to know me, they got to know the device. It was more of a boutique experience. And honestly, they delivered the product I wanted. Ultimately, that’s what matters.