My company, Bloom Creative, is a full-service healthcare marketing agency. We don’t develop products. We help companies tell their stories. We recommended a client have an app for their sales team and I needed to outsource that development. Bloom can conceive and lay out the user interface but we don’t develop the functionality.

Interviewer: Who, besides TechFlex, did you consider?

Greg: We could have developed an internal team but I needed to delegate project management as well. That’s a major piece of why we went with TechFlex.

Interviewer: No one else you could have called?

Greg: Well, actually, I could have called engineers I worked with at the company I sold.

Interviewer: Why didn’t you, given your firsthand experience with them?

Greg: Because – and even though we’re not looking to make a profit on outsourcing – their base rate would have been unpalatable for the client.

Interviewer: Did you face any language barriers with TechFlex?

Greg: No.

Interviewer: And you were comfortable having work done overseas.

Greg: Well, yes, because Jorg and Anna are stateside. They are the ones managing the project. And they have deep medical device expertise. Plus, Jorg, Anna, and the team host a weekly video call to keep us running smoothly. It’s reassuring. I’m always confident the project is under tight control.

Interviewer: Great. Anything you’d add?

Greg: Yes! We’ve come back to them with more work. Something we’re developing for the agency to white label to clients.

Interviewer: Oh, nice! That, in itself, is a ringing endorsement.

Greg: Absolutely. Yes, great team. Highly recommend.