I spoke with Jorg back when I was with another company. He impressed me. I remembered him when I needed contracted development work for biomedical applications project arose.

Interviewer: Who else did you consider?

Muzammil: The thing we liked about TechFlex was their flexibility. We were a startup company. Financials were tight. So, they scoped a small project instead of a wild guesstimate. After each success, we gave them more work.

Also, I was very impressed when I met Anna. She had compelling examples of similar work they’d done.

Interviewer: So, no one else?

Muzammil: I spoke with a few but TechFlex understood us best and were willing to work within our tight budget constraint.

Interviewer: You’re saying they were less expensive?

Muzammil: Not necessarily less expensive. More flexible. And more trustworthy, frankly. They started with a small project and proved themselves first. We appreciated that.

Interviewer: Nice. Were you the main point of contact? How was your experience?

Muzammil: Yes, I was the main contact. We were developing a fundus imaging camera. It was great experience, especially working with the team in Ukraine. Ukraine was very responsive, very organized. They showed up on time, well prepared. If I get an opportunity to work with them again, I’ll certainly recommend them.