I’d asked someone at my old employer, “Do you know any small medical device companies to handle my design verification and validation of a ventilator?” That’s how I found Jorg and TechFlex.

Interviewer: Who else had you considered?

Ryan: There were two frontrunners – one in Seattle, the other in Singapore – when I met Jorg. Neither were nearly as good a fit.The Singapore operation would have required an enormous amount of handholding. That’s just what I did NOT want. And with Jorg and Anna being stateside medical device experts, I was confident in the project management.The Seattle firm had done respiratory devices but never developed software to integrate into a medical device. I couldn’t risk it.Plus, TechFlex’s price was very attractive. So I was getting solid project management, medical device software development expertise, and an attractive price. It was an easy choice.

Interviewer: You say the price was very attractive.

Ryan: Yes! I had budgeted 2½ million dollars. I’ll end up paying just a million!

Interviewer: TechFlex came in 1½ million less than you budgeted? They were just 40% of what you’d budgeted?

Ryan: Exactly.

Interviewer: Wow. And no compromise in expertise or management.

Ryan: None. We have a weekly status meeting to keep me in the loop. If nothing’s amiss, it’s a quick meeting. And they’re typically quick meetings! They are very creative in figuring out design issues on their own.It’s a really good team. I’m extremely happy with them.

Interviewer: You said they’re creative. Can you give an example?

Ryan: And organized. And independent – minimal hand-holding. But yes, we have a very sensitive product. They’ve been able to find and configure the components (given size constraints) in a creative manner, without me having to come up that.It’s been very refreshing.