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Techflex Engineering is your partner in solutioning your innovations. Our world-class specialists of engineers and technical specialists ensure complete solutions for complex medical and high-tech innovations. We specialize in multiple areas to provide solutions, including Medical Devices Design & Engineering, Electronic Systems and Firmware Development, Industrial Designing including IoT development, and Software Programming ranging from Mobile to Cloud development for small and medium-scale businesses.

Mechanical Engineering

Many products are heavily dependent on mechanical performance & reliability. Our mechanism designs are grounded in reliability while being attentive to design for manufacturability (DFM) and cost.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical & Systems Engineering is the foundation of our product development. Our primary focus is on managing and designing efficient & scalable systems through the product lifecycle.

Industrial Design

We apply design thinking and 1st order principles to all our designs. Practicality is a focus from the perspective of users and for DFM . We make it easy for our customers using our streamlined approach.


Successful designs are created based on ideation, authentic market research, and rapid concept development. We firmly believe prototyping is essential to validate the designs. It is really the only way to be certain a design is working.

Software Engineering

 We follow a mix of agile principles backed with extensive documentation required to classify the medical device to ensure rapid development plus maintain high regulatory standards.

Validation & Testing

Quality assurance is an integral process from design to manufacturing and also maintenance. We follow world-class test & verification processes & procedures to ensure a world-class product


Dry Eye Treatment
Skydiving Altimeter And GPS
Suspect's Bracelet/ Base Unit


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