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The TechFlex Difference

Why Ukraine?

Co-founder Anna was born in Ukraine and knows each team member personally. You wouldn't find these superlative engineers on your own.

Now in California, Anna and Jorg manage your account. You get US management, US time zones, and trusted talent at favorable prices.

Worth an exploratory call, yes?

Answer these three questions

Frequently Asked Question

We are a full-service medical device product development firm.

Mechanical engineering Firmware
Electrical engineering Embedded systems
Industrial design Software development
PCBA design … more (with partners)

We aren’t – because you don’t need us to be.

13485 relates to the manufacturer-of-record’s quality management system (QMS), not ours.

We simply provide the data for your QMS, which reduces overhead and avoids duplicate efforts.

Everyone wins.

Quite simply because our co-founder Anna Suchard is from the region and knows our team members well. She can – and does – personally vouch on their expertise so completely, she’s built her entire business on that foundation.

What’s more, the Ukrainian educational system is among the best in the world. You’d be hard-pressed to locate a better value (measured by pay-to-talent level).

Last, the Ukrainian culture gels nicely with ours. In other words, you’ll enjoy your time with them.

I’m concerned about the political unrest between Ukraine and Russia.

That’s understandable. The topic is getting a lot of news coverage, as of this February 2022 writing.

A Russian invasion is the latest maneuver to derail Ukraine's NATO membership. These aggressions are “normal parts” of Ukrainian life now.

Importantly, working with TechFlex poses you almost no geopolitical risk to your project.

That's because TechFlex is a US-based company working alongside geographically flexible Ukrainian talent. It's terribly unlikely –even in a worst-case scenario – Russian would restrict or sever Internet or phone access to the population. Our team would soldier on.

Further, and after our risk assessment, we continue to rely confidently on our team’s uninterrupted ability to serve client needs.

Language: All engineers on the TechFlex team read and write English fluently, almost all speak English fluently.

Time Difference: We, in California, have 4-6 hours of “business hours” overlap and generally host our weekly meetings with you before 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern time).

Bluntly, Ukraine is not China. Ukrainian cultural ethics are similar to those observed in America.

Plus, your TechFlex team diligently works to protect your IP by US standards (so you have recourse).

Further, we compartmentalize information so no third party or contract manufacturer has the entire project scope. (It’s much harder to steal an idea when you only know part of it!)

Yes. Exclusively.

Why? Because something always happens. It’s inevitable.

  • A part gets lost in delivery.
  • The customer changes his mind.
  • Your next financing round gets delayed.

With time and materials, throw anything at us and we’ll pivot.

Besides, you don’t really want a contract renegotiation every time something happens.

Time and materials is better. It allows more flexibility, fewer delays and distractions, and more focus on the work.

At cost plus 15 percent, subject to sales tax unless you’re tax exempt.

Probably half what you’re used to – and, for that, superlative engineering services (mechanical, electrical, firmware, software, etc.).

Our rates are subject to change annually, so you lock in your rate for a year, insulating you from potential price disruptions.

Typically, net 15 days for services; net 0 for materials.

Nope. They’re completely yours. You paid for them!

TechFlex, a Newport Beach, California-based limited liability company (LLC), is owned by:

  • Jorg Lorscheider, a 35-year engineering services veteran; and,
  • Anna Suchard, a software quality assurance expert born in Ukraine (then lived in Israel, now resides in California), comfortably lead remote teams, as she’s done her entire career.

To serve small to mid-sized firms which lack the infrastructure and relationships to (a) hire talent like ours; and (b) negotiate prices down as far as we can.

We similarly serve the innovators at large companies. They are often sectioned off as startups within the larger enterprise.

We entertain all opportunities, provided there is funding sufficient to achieve a meaningful milestone. It’s no fun working on a project that dies, incomplete.

  1. Trust. Nearly all clients previously knew or worked with Jorg or Anna, both of whom operate with unassailable drive, expertise, and integrity. We are a verified Thomas Trusted Partner.
  2. Value. While TechFlex is not the least expensive medical device development firm, we challenge you to find a comparable value, which we define as the level of quality, professionalism, expertise, and dedication anywhere near our price point.
  3. Intellectual property protection. We practice US standards (so you have recourse) and compartmentalize information so no third party or contract manufacturer has your entire project scope.
  4. Transactional. TechFlex, a US-based company, transacts all contracts, invoices and payments under US laws and practices.
  5. Surety. TechFlex carries E&O insurance as an extra measure to protect you.

Mostly medical devices and systems. Occasionally, our software application development integrates with industries including finance, logistics, and education.

40 work on hardware (ID, ME, EE, PCB and Firmware) in Dnipro, Ukraine, plus 150 on software development (frontend, backend, mobile apps etc.) in Lviv, Ukraine.

None are direct employees. Instead, we have contracts Ukraine-based engineering groups with whom we’ve worked for five years or more.

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Muzammil A.

They were more flexible. They started small and proved themselves. We appreciated it.


Muzammil A.

Ryan R.

“I had budgeted 2½ million dollars. TechFlex came in an amazing 60% under budget!”


Ryan R.

Greg S.

“Jorg and Anna are stateside. I’m always confident the project is under tight control.”


Greg S.

Christopher Z.

“They got to know me and delivered the product I wanted. Ultimately, that’s what matters.”


Christopher Z.