Engineering Medical Application Ideas To Operational Realities

 In today’s medical world, the best health treatment procedures often depend on reliable medical devices.. Medical devices are the key to saving lives by providing these key insights into health ensuring better diagnosis, treatments and procedures. We help convert your innovative ideas to reality that are reliable, accurate, and that increase efficiencies of your patients and health care practices . If you are looking for solution experts that convert your innovative idea for a new medical device or upgrade an existing device, then you are at the right place with TechFlex..


Our experienced team has the right mix of medical & technology knowledge that includes software, mechanical, electrical, and hardware engineers backed with rich medical domain knowledge to help you take the technology leap. Our medical device development services provide project implementation from medical device development to technical support. 

Custom Medical Devices and application that matter for life

Innovative Ideas

medical device development from conception to execution include having a team with a solid understanding of cutting-edge technology and strict Government & Medical regulations and standards.

Problem Solving

It involves having the right technology skills, hardware, software, and a well-defined engineering process to ensure that you avoid costly mistakes while achieving the desired quality and increased speed to market.

Quality production

We have all the tools and resources to convert your ideas to reality for your medical device product development, from conceptualization to engineering & design, validation, and even small-series production. 

Our Services

Electrical Engineering

 Electrical & Systems Engineering is the foundation of our product development. Our primary focus is on managing and designing efficient & scalable complex systems through the product lifecycle. 

Mechanical Engineering

 Many products are heavily dependent on mechanical performance & reliability. Mechanical Engineering is our core competency engineering practice for Medical Device Design & product development. 

Industrial Design

Our goal is to provide balanced, cost-effective & manufacturing goals while ensuring the latest aesthetic trends, keeping human factors and usability as a part of solutioning design. 


Successful designs are created based on ideation, authentic market research, and rapid concept development. We firmly believe prototyping is essential to validate the design. 

Software Engineering

We follow a mix of agile principles backed with extensive documentation required to classify the medical device to ensure rapid development plus maintain high regulatory standards. 

Validation & Testing

Quality assurance is an integral process from design to manufacturing and also maintenance. We follow world-class test & verification processes & procedures to ensure a world-class product.

Our Engagement Model