Software Services

Custom Development

We have a strong experience with and understanding of user needs when designing software. Our prowess lies in deep understanding of the domains, technologies and the business behind the applications. Our experts work with our clients to understand the specific business problems they are trying to solve, devise solutions, write optimized code, test, deploy and provide production support.


In today’s world when people wear the world on their wrist – it becomes extremely important for Business Organizations and Software Providers to think of Mobile perspective of the solution they provide. Our team of experts carries tremendous experience in delivering Mobile and IoT applications – We work on both Android and iOS beside other less popular mobile solutions and technologies to provide Responsive Web Applications.

How to Partner With Us

Techflex Engineering is your partner in solutioning your innovations.


One Important aspect of the modern world application is the aesthetic look and feel of the User Interface and the other one is Usability – How indicative it is to the user- it makes it easy for them to use it and they fall in love with your application over others. Our designers research the demographics, Geography, and Cultural invfluences of the users segments and emerging trends to deliver the best UIs.

Quality Assurance

Functional Testing, Performance Testing and Security are embedded in our Software Development methods. We believe in instilling Quality at every step – Requirements, Coding Standards, Deployment and Production. We use the latest of the technologies to ensure we deliver quality software to the end users.

Support & Maintenance

As an end-to-end solution provider – we deploy the best methodologies, utilize the latest tools and technologies to monitor the production environment identify any abnormal behavior. Our Autotomated alert mechanism sends notifications to stakholders 24/7*365.

Our Process

Speed up your web development using our full-cycle web development services





          Discovery Phase

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Understanding Objectives
  • Knowing Competition
  • Budget Planning


          Design & Development

  • Documenting the Process
  • Provide UI UX Design
  • App Development
  • Testing & QA


         Release & Support

  • Web Release
  • Change Management
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Customer Support 

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