Techflex Maintain High Standards Low Costs

Innovation and technological advancements have become essential for businesses to stay competitive. However, developing and delivering innovative and complex medical and high-tech products can be expensive, especially in the designing or engineering phases.
At TechFlex Development, we understand this challenge and have developed a unique business model to maintain high standards while keeping costs low.

TechFlex Manufacturing and Development Solutions

TechFlex Development’s unique business model addresses key costs and quality. We have explored the globe for locations where the education system is superior and highly trained engineers are plentiful. Thus, our solutions boast the following systems:

US Ownership and Eastern Europe Engineering Bases

Outsourcing engineering work is risky due to communication issues, cultural difficulties, and product ambiguities. However, TechFlex has found a way to overcome these challenges by coupling our US ownership and experience with our engineering bases in Eastern Europe
Being primarily US-based gives us a better understanding of the needs and expectations of our clients. We have a strong quality control process based on US standards, which helps us maintain consistency in our work. Additionally, our US team regularly communicates with our engineering teams in Eastern Europe to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that any issues are addressed promptly.
In Eastern Europe, we have access to highly trained engineers who provide cost-effective services. The education system in the region is known for producing top-quality engineers proficient in English and with a strong work ethic. By leveraging the cost advantages of Eastern Europe engineers and the strict quality control of US standards, we can offer our clients competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

High Quality and Low Costs

At TechFlex, we recognize that sustaining quality is critical for our customers. Therefore, we perform frequent comprehensive assessments and audits to ensure that our work fulfills the requirements of our clients based on high American standards.
Understanding the customers’ needs and expectations is the first step in our quality control procedure. Our seasoned project managers collaborate closely with customers to ensure we fully understand and meet their demands. Then, we transfer the project to the most qualified team. Our project managers, in turn, work with the technical team to achieve the highest quality output.

Benefits of TechFlex's Business Model

By leveraging our unique business model, TechFlex Development can offer our clients numerous benefits, including:

Expertise in Multiple Areas

By having experts in various fields, TechFlex can provide complete solutions for complex medical and high-tech innovations. We offer the following services:

Quality Standards

Our business model ensures that we maintain high quality standards. Our engineers undergo a rigorous hiring process and are continually trained to improve their skills. We also have strict quality control measures to ensure that all deliverables meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


As with any development project, communication is extremely important. We utilize a variety of tools to maintain superior communications. We meet weekly on all projects using video conferencing and augment that with more rapid tools like WhatsApp, Teams, and repository applications like Jira. Our goal is to make working with us as seamless as if we were in the same time zone.

Scalable Solutions

TechFlex’s system delivers solutions quickly without sacrificing quality. We can develop products more efficiently than other engineering companies by having a team of experts in various fields. This allows clients to shorten their time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

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